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USI started to engage in Asian food retail store at 783 Clay St. San Francisco in 1964.  USI expanded to a second retail store at 1037 Stockton St. 3 years later.  In 1970 USI bought a property at 830 7th St. San Francisco to begin the wholesale business.  


USI is one of the first companies to import foods from China into the USA. For 30 years USI has been focused on importing and distrubuting high quality Asian Food products. 

For the follow: Thailand- Golden Phoenix Jasmine Rice, Squid Fish Sauce, Erawan Rice Flour Products, Chaokoh Coconut Milk.  


Hong Kong- On Lee Noodles, Tung Chun Soy Sauce & Oyster Sauce.


Taiwan- Tung I Noodle Products

Malaysia- Cocoaland Mango Gummy Candy

Now USI find the supply of Golden Lotus Jasmine Rice- 100% Pure Super Special Grade Thai Dom Mali Jasmine Rice at low cost.  USI has been in operation for 53 years and becomes one of the largest Asian food importers in the USA.